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Thanks for sharing with us that you have great driving skills. I’ve always thought of myself as a good driver, but reading about ADDers having a higher rate of car accidents made me think I was wrong. I think that I now better understand under what conditions I am a better driver. If the kids are fighting and yelling behind me, I’d rather pull over then keep driving. Too distracting. I can sometimes completely ignore them, but it’s not a given. I also noticed that when I’m tired, I go on autopilot which is not good. I sometimes can’t remember the drive.

I also get frustrated when someone who doesn’t understand ADHD tries to give me directions and makes fun of me when I decide to take an alternate route because I’m more comfortable with it. I don’t care if it takes me 5 minutes longer if it gets me there safely.

I also have a temper behind the wheel and that too can affect my driving. At least now I’m aware of how I react to things and that’s a step inthe right direction :)