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First of all, welcome to the website that will help you change your life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Your situation sounds like many I have read on this site and similar to my own situation. The first thing you need to do is get diagnosed and look into medication. The diagnosis is importatant because you need to know how it is affecting you and eliminate what you don’t have. Educating yourself and your immediate family is second. It will take time. My brothers and sisters are not very interested in why I have gotten myself into the mess I am in. My daughter, who is almost 25, has accepted what it means and we talk almost daily about what I find out about myself and what it means to our relationship (she still lives with me and is not ADD). If you can afford a coach I have heard that this is an excellent way to get help with daily life.

If you can watch the program advertised on this site called “ADD and Loving It!?!” or better yet buy it from this site and watched it regularly it will help you pin down what is going on. There are many excellent books like “You mean I’m not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?” and “Driven to distraction”. I am looking forward to Rick Green’s new book, “ADD Stole my Car Keys”, a subject close to my heart :-).

It has been nearly a year since my self-diagnosis then a diagnosis by a psycologist. I am 58 and it has taken me a year to accept myself and learn the things i can change and how to manage the things that I can’t. I am still stuck but improving. I am still learning a lot just by reading other posts on this site.

Hang in there and keep in touch.