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OK Cheez,

I use technology to help me. I use the Livescribe pen to record the lectures. I am an auditory learner, which means if I am paying attention, you tell me something and it is in my head forever. Now I move the pen around the page, taking notes, and trying to pay attention. When I drift, my pen does not. Because of the playback capabilities, I can listen to the lecture as many times as I want. This worked for my graduate courses as well as workplace meetings. We didn’t have technology, when I was in High school.

Focusing: LOL you are asking the wrong person on that. I am either all over the place or I am hyper-focused on one thing and the whole time-space continuum thing disappears. What I am learning is what triggers that hyper-focus and how to use it on MY schedule.

I couldn’t tell from your post. Are you working with a councilor? Are you living at home? Are we talking about high school, or college, or your first internship? Each one opens different options to you and makes different solutions to the problem. Which reminds me. I can infer that inattention is a problem, what other aspects of ADHD do you have? Do you have any of the other “Gifts” that sometimes “bless” us?

The only reason I ask, is you are asking for specific help, and I can practically feel the frustration coming out of the screen (hugs to you btw). I would like to answer your questions as best I can as a survivor of the academic system.