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Re: I *tried* to get a planner today…

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Just be careful with what you decide to get. Being ADHD, and learning what works and doesn’t through the years… I find that the most plain ones work better… only because I know myself, and want something that won’t distract me. ; )

Basically, I want something to flip to and jot something down ASAP before I forget the details… and not be sidetracked by Ooooooo how pretty is that flower, wonder what it looks in Black and White… I wonder if my cat, being as colorblind as she is, thinks it’s pretty too, is it pronounced Meed or Med, wonder what the world would be like if there was an eighth day… *ponders* God must have ADHD because dang is he creative or what??!?! Ah crap… what was I supposed to do on Wednesday again. Dern it. : / See what I mean? ; )