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Re: I wonder if I'm addicted to this site.

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Hi Robbo – I agree with kc.

I think you’re an asset to the site. Your posts over the year have ‘matured’ and you come across as if you’re benefiting. But only you know that. Forgive me if that sounds patronising – it’s not meant to be. I have a knack of offending sometimes! It’s unintentional. However, I remember a while ago on a different thread you asked whether your writing has improved and for some reason I didn’t reply so I don’t feel so bad passing comment now.

So we give and we take – all of us. Sometimes depending on what’s going on in our lives the balance might be more towards one way than another (not you per se – everyone). But that’s the point of the forum.

I know what you mean about being addicted to the site. There are times I am just compelled to read posts – usually when I have other pressing things to do. I fight it but give in usually. So then the site just becomes one more distraction that I have to combat. But that’s not always. It’s nice to check it when I NEED a short distraction. Sometimes I use it as a reward. I’ll do some work for one hour and have a read whilst the kettle is boiling. If I didn’t have to fight every distraction that comes my way and didn’t have folk at work screaming at me for being late with things then it wouldn’t matter if I was addicted to the site..

I enjoy the forum. I like keeping up with ‘old’ names. They are like ‘comfort blankets’ – people who have similar issues and who share. I miss names when they take a break. It’s great to get to know new names too.

I have never been so involved in a forum before. I am not sure why this one has stuck with me for so long. Possibly because I have never come across so many people before with whom I can relate. It’s awsome and the site is ‘classy’ with genuine people. Other sites seem to be populated with boys called ‘swim’ who want to know how to get high on ritalin. Not ideal. Yet others rarely update their material.

A year ago I was just starting out on the diagnosis journey. The videos, blogs and the people on the forum have helped me through that. I am now entering the acceptance phase and feel more ‘grown-up’ about it all (the meds make me feel grown-up).

So yes, I find the site addictive. I hope to always play a part, but although it’s addictive, as I progress with my understanding and acceptance of my ADD, I hope to be less ‘needy’ of the site. Maybe that’s a healthier way to be.