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    Part of it is wanting to understand this thing. Also, I’ve got too much time on my hands.

    A couple days ago I spent about 5 or 6 hours just reading here. How much time do you guys spend here?

    I’ve been trippin on this for a while. I feel great if I can go one whole day without taking a peek. N days like today I feel like I’ve posted on too many threads.

    It sux a lot second guessing myself sometimes. Am I the only one who freaks out a little bit on this? I even check other peoples profile to see how often they post!.

    (I just chopped off the bottom half of this post) just rambling on and on… I’m back in therapy and it’s stirring up too much crap. Maybe reading here helps me feel less screwy. (I don’t mean to call you guys screwy, you do that to yourselves huh?)


    This may help you to decide:

    Because of the time you are spending on this site, are you becoming better, or worse?

    This next one may be a bit more difficult to self assess:

    Have your contributions, taken as a whole, been an asset to the site and enhanced the experience of the other members?

    As it relates to your participation here, I would say yes to both questions.


    Hi Robbo – I agree with kc.

    I think you’re an asset to the site. Your posts over the year have ‘matured’ and you come across as if you’re benefiting. But only you know that. Forgive me if that sounds patronising – it’s not meant to be. I have a knack of offending sometimes! It’s unintentional. However, I remember a while ago on a different thread you asked whether your writing has improved and for some reason I didn’t reply so I don’t feel so bad passing comment now.

    So we give and we take – all of us. Sometimes depending on what’s going on in our lives the balance might be more towards one way than another (not you per se – everyone). But that’s the point of the forum.

    I know what you mean about being addicted to the site. There are times I am just compelled to read posts – usually when I have other pressing things to do. I fight it but give in usually. So then the site just becomes one more distraction that I have to combat. But that’s not always. It’s nice to check it when I NEED a short distraction. Sometimes I use it as a reward. I’ll do some work for one hour and have a read whilst the kettle is boiling. If I didn’t have to fight every distraction that comes my way and didn’t have folk at work screaming at me for being late with things then it wouldn’t matter if I was addicted to the site..

    I enjoy the forum. I like keeping up with ‘old’ names. They are like ‘comfort blankets’ – people who have similar issues and who share. I miss names when they take a break. It’s great to get to know new names too.

    I have never been so involved in a forum before. I am not sure why this one has stuck with me for so long. Possibly because I have never come across so many people before with whom I can relate. It’s awsome and the site is ‘classy’ with genuine people. Other sites seem to be populated with boys called ‘swim’ who want to know how to get high on ritalin. Not ideal. Yet others rarely update their material.

    A year ago I was just starting out on the diagnosis journey. The videos, blogs and the people on the forum have helped me through that. I am now entering the acceptance phase and feel more ‘grown-up’ about it all (the meds make me feel grown-up).

    So yes, I find the site addictive. I hope to always play a part, but although it’s addictive, as I progress with my understanding and acceptance of my ADD, I hope to be less ‘needy’ of the site. Maybe that’s a healthier way to be.


    Hell yeah, I’m addicted!!! ADDicted and loving it??? Get it??? (okay- cheesy, I know)

    Still, facebook is worse for me. I purposely have to take a day off of that. Sunday is my day off there, which is why I’m here on Sundays. Really, it’s probably a computer thing. Or a needing contact with the outside world thing. Or needing contact with people who get me thing. Not that people get me on facebook, but they do encourage me, sometimes, which doesn’t help. I find so much useful information on this site, though, that it’s very helpful. So if I’m addicted to this, it’s definitely been a good thing, not a bad thing.

    Seriously. Facebook. Why the hell do I feel the need to post pics of my dinner??? People just don’t care. See, that’s a problem. This site, not so much.



    Thanks a billion you guys. I feel tons better. I’ve thought about it. And I can give you a good solid YES on both questions Kc. Good questions too. Thanks for the encouragement. That’s huge for me. In my own journal, encouragement has been one of the things I haven’t always gotten enough of. I provide it for myself now, and I know there’s a good God always there encouraging me too. I’ve managed to read the Bible nearly every day lately too. That’s an excellent source of encouragement for me.

    You really are so very thoughtful Scattybird. I agree with all that you’ve said too. Thanks for taking the time.

    From now on I’ll see myself as passionate about this ADHD life recovery place. It only feels like addiction when I’m not doing enough in the rest of my life to get my needs met. So I’ve just been out of balance lately, and depending too much on this site. And eat ice cream!. wups, off topic alert.

    You guys, and lot’s of other folks in this camp have encouraged me, and not even on purpose some times. How can I ever put this gratitude into words?. Oh I know!. I’ll keep sharing about how what I learn here is helping me grow in my life. Duh!, huh? hehe. N keep clowning around, that’s a must. And eat cookies!. NTS buy cookies.

    I managed to get out of the house and hang out with some new friends today, good quality time. A difficult part of what I’m doing to live with my ADHD. A more humble and sensible job of choosing friends. Kinda rebuilding my life in some ways.

    I’m super glad I decided to check in. I’ve struck gold here, and I’m digging it. :-) You’re right Geoduck. This place is lovable!. It’s the human contact thing. I just need to get more from other places, not so much my computer. Thanks for making it not so much of a big deal.

    It felt risky asking that question, n letting you guys see how needy I can be/feel. It’s not a crime though huh?. I’m hopeful about doing better at getting my needs met away from my computer. I will be patient. I’ll be satisfied with slow progress.

    Love n peace gang



    I’ve only been here for a short while but I totally appreciate all the posts I’ve read here. There’s nothing like others helping others. And this site and all the posts here have been a great help to me for getting past a lot of stuff with my ADHD.

    Keep up the good stuff Robbo! And sometimes you have to be unbalanced for a while to get balance. Ok, ok so maybe I stole a little bit from Eat, Pray, Love but Add/hd people can get going the backwards road to balance I believe. And am glad I found a place where we can share how we are, what we’ve got, and it’s all ok!

    I have to go clean off the boat now. Can you be addicted to boating?


    Robbo I love reading your point of view. I know that I have a lot to all should know that even though some of us don’t have a lot to give, but do enjoy reading your input and every one else s.

    thanks to all for taking part, and coming back.


    Misswho23 – it’s good to have you here. I enjoy your posts….and yes you can become addicted to boating…but not to cleaning them!

    So…we’re all ADDicts (nice one Geoduck) and proud!

    See I’m even writing this instead of doing some work and emails are flooding in asking me where it is…WHAT is wrong with me? Oh yeah, ADD!! :)


    see, Robbo I can’t even give a Thank-You with out spelling some thing wrong! it was to read (you) have a lot to give. instead the dummy that I am of course wrights I instead of you. SO SORRY!!


    So true, I agree with all of you above! I check in several times a day usually! Like Scatybird I also look for the “old names” in the forums.

    Funny thing late last night I was watching a documentary on twins ( bear with me I swear it’s relevant!!). The showcased twins were inseparable and one of the psychologist /researchers made a comment about people identifying with one another if there is a lot in common so obviously twins are the ultimate example of sameness. That’s a pretty obvious statement but it triggered my thoughts about this site and how the people on it interact with one another. Now obviously we are not twins but our experiences sure mirror one another’s and perhaps that is why we are so connected in a way that is unusual for people who are not likely to ever meet!


    I agree, Nellie. One of the things I get here is serious discussion about ADHD, with people who actually know and relate to the the ADHD topic. You all BELIEVE me!!!! My first interaction was with Dr. Jain and another person, when I submitted a question via email about ADHD. It was nice to have someone take the subject seriously.

    I don’t get that in “real life,” not even with those who know me best. Hubby has come a long way, but even still, you all can totally relate to me, because most of you have ADHD, as well. I receive a lot of support here that I just don’t get “out there.” That level of support is what keeps me coming back. I’m scared of actual in-person group therapy, so this is as good as it gets for me.

    Also, the gobs of information here arms me to face the people who tell me it’s all in my head. Well, I suppose it is all in my head, but it’s still a real thing, from which I’ve really suffered and a real-life struggle.


    Aww shucks,

    You guys are great. So does this mean we’ll be starting a anonymous meeting? hehe. only kidding of course.

    We just like us, huh?. In the process we’re learning to get along better with all the “normies” out there too, the “linears”. Lot’s of us are really starting to like ourselves much more too, huh?.

    This is the only site I know of that really feels very much like so many of the support groups I’ve been involved in. And I don’t just mean 12 step programs. We do have a lot in common with em though. I’ll bet I’m not the only person in this camp that’s had to deal with addictions of different sorts and levels. I’m probably one of the lucky ones. Heck we all are. We made it here!. Our brown stuff is together enough to be able to find this place and stick with it. That’s a lot for the average ADDer. I’m super grateful.

    Thanks again peeps

    Hey, Robbo, I’m a short-timer here but you already crack me up. Seriously, though, being on here a lot probably comes from the hyper-focusing place. We all want help and improvement (I sure do) and are focused in on finding it where we can. And it feels more valid from fellow travellers rather than the great unwashed sea of skeptics. The same reason that, as an animal rescuer, I spend a lot of time on those forums. We all wanna feel the love!


    I agree with kc too.

    I don’t spend long on here, but I spend every spare moment at my computer. Too much time arguing with people about news stories mainly…that isn’t helping me one bit really!

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