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What a title for a forum. It so totally hits the proverbial nail on the head.

Being someone who could succeed academically, albeit with some challenges, I was surprised, stunned really, that despite my very very best efforts, I ended up eventually getting fired – yeah, fired, from jobs because I couldn’t manage certain aspects of them. I was getting help from a psychologist *and* a psychiatrist, and they were both incredibly helpful, but neither of them suggested ADD. I kinda wish they had. Still, it landed me on the incredibly circuitous journey that got me to the job I’m now doing, which is a WAY better fit. Although I don’t agree with all of what Gabor Mate says about ADD and its causes/treatment, I will never forget the first time I read the first chapter, about his life experiences and diagnosis with ADD. I was reading it on a bus, and I just sat there, reading and crying, crying and reading. He was telling my story:

“Beyond everything it revealed the reason for my life-long sense of somehow never approaching my potential in terms of self-expression and self-definition–the ADD adult’s awareness that one has talents or insights or some undefinable positive quality one could perhaps connect with if the wires weren’t crossed. “I can do this with half my brain tied behind my back,” I used to joke. No joke that. It’s precisely how I have done many things.”