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Well Lady G……. the spot light eh???? As I understand it…….. others are unable to make us uncomfortable. That process stems from within ourselves. I look at anxiety from another view …..anxiety is actually (for me) a very close friend!!! I’ll share why.

When I am off the path (my path)….. I have strayed from who I am….who I really am in my heart (not my head) I feel less calm, anxious, a general dis-ease that can, and will, build if not attended to. That and that alone is my guide……. my dis-ease in my heart tells me to lift my head up and look around I have strayed. This is a critical time for me to re-assess something……… my head has usually taken my heart to a place that is not right for me.

So…. (for me) anxiety is welcome it is my guide, it tells me I’m off……….. if I am tuned to my heart (NOT MY HEAD) and a strive to keep my heart calm I find that my life is full and I’m on “my” correct path…….. not a path somebody says I’m supposed to be on but “My Path”. So then, anxiety is a “‘gift” that provides me the opportunity for insight. Insight provides me the opportunity for a life without regret. For me then… from that, I can extrapolate……..any knowledge that does not change the quality of life is sterile and of questionable value.

Being gentle with my self when I stray is key……… I’m worth the kindness… because it is the straying that provides me the insight.