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Thanks you all for the support/suggestions. I did walk away for a bit from the relationship with my friend. I guess we all need room to breathe sometimes. She has sent me a few texts and comments on Facebook so I think we will be okay. I’m not sure that any confidential things were talked about but I my friend pretty much knows everything anyway. If it were an acquaintance and not a close friend I would be more worried. My counselor never did follow up on helping me find someone here. I also believe I am worse than before I started with her. My original psychiatrist moved or I would be following up with her.

Leek – I know what you mean, I beat myself up too much! Lately, it has been keeping me from sleeping all these thoughts of could have, should have!

Dspicelady – I was having the same thoughts…but not sure what I could even do about it if I could prove it.

Rufina – I’m holding on…i have had a few other ‘helpful’ counselors as you shared as well. The first one I ever went to told me ‘You are too pretty to have these problems’ yet medicated me! I live in the Bible Belt and as a result another one said ‘You wouldn’t have these problems if you would just pray harder!’ I’m a Christian, I believe in prayer but if what he said is true then he would be out of a job by now! I don’t want to waste my money but I really do want help! So frustrating!

You guys made me feel better! Thank YOU!