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ladyg- I’m sixty four and just got the news. Doesn’t take much thought or soul searching to relate. Once long ago I went to a psychiatrist, being referred by a friend who suspected I had a screw loose somewhere. The guy struck me as odd, and more important, fickle. As I had some doubts I wasn’t too much in a hurry to participate in a rorschach image test. He blew a fuse! Spouted, ranted and raved. Imagine a guy goes through medical school and a few years of psychotherapy being a loose as corn flakes. I guess what I mean to say is that while there are many therapists who are competant, there may be some few that are mismatched in their vocation. rufina said as much

Many times I’ve met people who’ve blamed me for their misunderstanding or inability. I’ve been drawn into situations, all the while pointing out I didn’t fit and yet be blamed when that person got frustrated. There being so many symptoms of ADD/ADHD and so few who “get it’, the possibilities of being misunderstood are myriad. Thankfully ADD/ADHD is becoming more explained and key people in anyones life can be informed. As it happened I was informed by someone particularly close to me they were diagnosed with ADD. At the time I was watching Totally ADD on PBS I was shocked to know of my own condition. A lifetime of failure and frustration was glaring.

I find these days it’s very important to me to understand the ground rules of my condition, more important than others understanding me. I feel sure people who care about me will be well with it, and many will never have the need to know, but to be sure they will find me easier to get along with.

Went to a psych recently myself. Got depression …….? Get a feeling these people care but are pretty much overwhelmed with lots of people with lots of problems, and I will be looking further, too.

Speaking for myself only, I never wanted the crazy life I’ve had. And I would have changed things. Seems I have a chance now. I’m very relieved to get a name for my malady (ADHD), a list of the symptoms and the experiences of others. I’m kinda hopeful.