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I do agree No one can change unless they want to. That does not mean any of us can do it alone, If I were seeing a counselor or any professional that was not helping me, I would seek other help, I am new here & have no desire to step on toes, I can only share about myself & my experiences. I was diagnosed with ADHD about 2 years ago, was put on meds & saw a psychiatrist for about 9 months, once a month, she cancelled at least 3 times, when I was there she told me all the problems I would face, but offered no solutions as to how to cope with them. So I found another counselor, he helped some but due to the distance I had to travel to see him, that didn’t work out either, several months with only my primary care doctor prescribing my meds & him helping me to find the best dosage for me. I recently found this site, here I started finding answers, I found others who I could relate too, That gave me hope, that lead me too looking for books & other sources of info to educate myself on ADHD & its symptoms, which are many & different for different people, that led me to looking for ways to cope with & even overcome them, that led me to discussing these things with my wife on a deeper level, that helped her to understand me more & improved our marriage, some success, more hope. I have felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole most of my life, The more I learn about ADHD & myself, The more I know & accept that I am a square peg in a world of round holes & I am wasting my time trying to fit into one of them, I am a square peg, I cannot change that, I can change how I interact with all the other round pegs in the world, I can seek out other square pegs to learn from & be of help too. I have been a member of a 12-step group for 20 years, in one of the books I am reading it has a good way to apply the 12 steps to ADHD, I am doing my best to apply that. I can only speak for myself, but I believe I cannot & will not change until I am willing to do so. I also have come to think of ADHD not as a disease that can be cured, but as a part of my personality, that I can allow to destroy my life or I can seek help in learning how to take advantage of the many benefits and talents that are a part of it.