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As par for me I came onto this site with my impulses aflare and my wants and expectations full of me. Then, and only then. it seems will I look into what’s offered. For me I see something different, ideas and suggestions more basic and building than sweeping and absolute. I think many times I ,may have resisted change because it has been heretofore found to be based on the ability of others more suitable to the mode of change and at other times the absurd reasoning of for profit gurus. I find the WEBINAR and videos of great value. As I need to lead and accept help by ways of ideas rather than looking for a savior it seems this is not an arena where I win or suffer but a negotiation where in a little time I can find improvement through application. The other negotiating team seems to win but oddly silent about what points they won as if to say negotiate what you need, negotiate what fits. Even people that are different are different from one another in their own ways. At present I’m looking at the premise of making a supportive environment as being more important than other things. Still stumped about meds. It seems one can flood the body with natural goodies but that may not affect the neurotransmission sufficiently. Anyway, I’m not frazzled or hopeless about it. Lots of things are percolating, but I don’t feel overwhelmed. The ride is not so bumpy as there’s not so much guesswork or reasoning on my part.