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don’t beat yourself up over people who don’t understand what they are talking about. i’ve had quite a few so called therapists who were like that. my favorite was the one who said to me “you tell me what you want to work on and we’ll work on that” – hello!! that’s why i’m here, so you can tell me what i should work on first!! or maybe it was the guy who said “if you really wanted to do (whatever), you would”…..yeah right, and if i REALLY didn’t want to be nearsighted i wouldn’t be that either ;) or maybe it was the idiot woman, who, when i said i needed a “keeper” (as in zoo keeper), giggled and said, “oh a husband!” …didn’t go back there either :) in all honesty, none of them deserved to have my money – and i sometimes think that these people take on clients that they have no idea how to help because, well, it’s cash in their pocket.

go back to your other doctor, and see if she/he can recommend someone who has some sort of IDEA of how to deal with A.D.D. in adults. i have no idea how to tell you to deal with your friend, but maybe just let it go for a while. i’m really bad at that sort of stuff – but i think a lot of us are ;) when i get upset by someone like that, i have learned to just walk away for awhile…it seems to help.

none of us wants to keep failing, and yes, we *are* trying and too bad if people don’t get that. a good friend taught me once that it doesn’t have to be prefect. so keep trying, and it WON’T be prefect, but keep going…. don’t despair :)

don’t know if that helped *sigh* i get like that sometimes too…..