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Re: Im about to get fired..again..any suggestions

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Patte Rosebank
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Some provinces seem to recognize ADHD as a disability, while others don’t, so I’d put more emphasis on your Depression and Anxiety than on your ADHD, since every province seems to recognize them as disabilities.

You should be raising these issues with your Human Resources department, before you raise them with your boss. Go in with a letter from your doctor, confirming your conditions (Depression, Anxiety, and Adult ADHD), explaining the symptoms and their impact on your ability to function at work, and recommended accommodations to help you function better.

You must do this ASAP!

In most jurisdictions, the employer should be made aware of your condition, if it is going to affect your work. If the employer then refuses to make accommodations (provided the accommodations would not cause undue hardship in the workplace), and continues to punish you for your inability to function properly, you can file a Human Rights complaint against both the company as a whole and any of its employees whom you believe to be discriminating against you. In your case, that would definitely be your boss.

This is the course that I had to take, about 12 years ago. My case dragged on for 3 years, but at the end of it, my former employer settled for ten times their original offer when I was fired for performance issues directly related to the Depression & Anxiety that I had told my employer about, when I was first diagnosed. Despite having my doctor’s letter in my HR file, my new boss (unlke my previous boss) seemed to go out of his way to treat me like a slacker and a moron, instead of someone with a legitimate medical condition.