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Re: I'm getting medication!

Re: I'm getting medication!2012-04-29T21:43:02+00:00

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Yes, we can, Tiddler!

How is it going for you so far?

And, which med are you on? Did you say? Or did I not catch that?

I am on day two of Metadate ER, 20 mg.

I took it late today, because I had a hard time getting myself to get up and at ’em.

Then I was worried about taking it with breakfast because I heard that eating can cause the stomach acid to stir up (which I know, I have chronic acid reflux) and that the stomach acid can make the Metadate not work….????

So then I waited.

And did some stuff, I don’t remember what.

Oh yeah, I brushed my teeth and talked to my mama on the phone and waxed my excessive facial hair. :-/

Then I got a shower.

Then I finally took it.

Effects so far:

Maaaybe a little dry mouth, but not all that noticable or concerning. Some fatigue, which I struggle with usually, but noticed a little increase of it. A feel……emotional? sad? Emotional. But, then again, I’m entering the PMS phase of my cycle, so don’t know of the medicine is just making that more pronounced or what. Maybe starting a new med and PMS at around about the same time was a bad idea?

Also…..I feel more….talkative?

For example, I have done a fair number (more than usual) posts/responses here, and I’ve done a lot of posting on facebook.

Kind of stream-of-consciouness, humorous ADD-brain observations, motor mouth randomness type stuff…so…..

why would the Metadate be making that WORSE for goodness sakes?

or, more likely to share it?

When I get around groups of people, friends, I sometimes get….energized? and can be very talkative, funny, over-share.

But not it’s like that when I’m not around a group of people…I’m going out there and doing it on facebook when I’m sitting here alone in my room. :-/

Makes me concerned that maybe there IS some bipolarity and that this Metadate is touching on my mental mania overly talkative aspect?

Lord, what to do! what to do!

I just want calm, thoughtful, serene brain so I can get my stuff done and write a poem!!!