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Re: I'm only usually late by 5 minutes…what's the big deal?

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OMG: It is ALL so much like my story of TIME, each and every day, hour, minute and second.

I am out of breath, exhausted, stressed-out and humored (by the uncanny familiarity to my own life experience with this thing we call, TIME).

HOW do we ADHDers do it? I see, hear and feel myself, through your stories. I posted ideas to support timeliness/reduce lateness a few days, weeks or hours ago, don’t know exactly as I LOST TRACK OF THE TIME SINCE MY LAST POST:) because I am a behavior analyst and am very talented at helping others change behavior. But, when it comes to time management I SUCK! And, to any ADHDer here that actually READ my post, please know, I am full of —- when it comes to my OWN behavior change specifically related to that fabulous ADHD characteristic called, POOR TIME MANAGEMENT!

Time management and procrastination are:

Torturous for me!

1) I hate to wait for events to start, people to arrive, meetings to begin SO I am late, even if not consciously, to avoid the waiting.

2) No matter how many times I have experienced the reality of how long things take I LIVE in the delusion that each event takes less time, each and every day, than I know in reality it actually does. Although, each and every day I DO believe it is going to take less time then what I know it will. Try THAT reality about time on for size!

3) It is actually strange, sometimes wonderfully so and at other times painfully so, to live in the time warp of ADHD.

4) So, not only do I hate to wait, I also cannot get a handle on time reality, even though I actually know it, on some level, in the ACTUAL moment of time. I know that every time I have stopped to act on some idea during a time crunch just before needing to leave the house NEVER works out in my TIME favor, but yet I CONTINUE to repeat this behavior continuously. It is just strange.

5) I am usually late for meeting a friend, getting to a party, a plane, work, Doctor appointments, and more. If I am NOT late then I arrive on time in the following manner: in a totally disorganized mad rush, usually coming out of a million and one agitations and frustrations, while emitting more than one “potty mouthed” slip, having brushed my teeth and applied my make while driving. YIKES!

Deadlines for work HAVE TO BE DONE so I usually miss sleep ALL NIGHT at least once in a month and sometimes more, so as to complete my work, by deadline, in a pinch to meet it, at the VERY LAST POSSIBLE minute.

It defies logic and yet…………my ADHD time line has a force behind it that is SO strong and SO clear, that logic plays no part in this force.

So, what to do?

Well, I admit TOTALLY that sometimes I just desire doin’ my ADD “Time Thang” without having to worry about anyone, anything and any TIME…………

In other situations, like work and people who I care about, I think I HAVE to find a way to work WITH my procrastination, poor time management, avoidance of waiting, and SLOW MO’ TIME WARP that I live in and put them through and NOT against it, which only seems to make me MORE late.

So, this is the question:

HOW DO I WORK WITH, AND NOT AGAINST , MY POOR TIME MANAGEMENT, PROCRASTINATION, AVOIDANCE OF WAITING AND SLOW MO’ TIME WARP so that I am able to be on time, complete assignments on time or at least during waking hours, and not fear the waiting?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

There MUST be a way!

To work against THE FORCE only fuels it!

It also creates S-T-R-E-S-S and a fowl mouth!