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Re: Immune to peer pressure

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Same as you, filmbuff, until I went away to university and was living away from home (no parental influence. Then I starting skipping classes, drinking (but not a lot), marijuana, letting other people influence me, etc. no discipline, no direction, doing what I wanted. I wasn’t really bad, but it still took a long time to become more independent and get back on track. I quit uni in my third year and never really had a career, just moved from one job to the next. Have been self-employed for 6 years now and it’s the first job I’ve ever held that long.

I wonder if being immune to peer pressure as a child/teen is because I didn’t have many female friends and they were not the wild and crazy type. I was a tomboy, though, and one of my male companions as a child was a bit reckless so I happily went along with that, mostly adventures. As we got older, we stopped playing together, obviously, and the influence diminished.