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Re: Impulsive decisions (avoiding them?)

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One of the things that has helped me is to “DON’T ACT ON MY FIRST THAUGHT”, with big decisions that’s not too hard & has made a difference, it is the little decisions that are really messing things up, the ones that at the time seem so insignificant, then later I realize, That was impulsive and was not what I should be doing.

Maybe I need to help to recognize an impulsive decision before I make it? It seems like the little things really add up to make a big thing. I am not sure I am making since, It is sometimes very difficult to put these issues into words, That I am sure many others can relate to.

I am just started on this journey of learning how to cope with ADHD, my own as well as my children’s, Please bare with me if I ask silly questions & have trouble expressing myself at times.