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Re: Impulsive decisions (avoiding them?)

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Trashman & ADHDornuts and anyone else whom would like to chime in………… Questions to you if I may….I am just gonna throw them out there. To be fair with my answers following them as both of you seem to have many of the same concerns I do. Why the questions? i guess I am still trying to understand and gain knowledge of ADHD and become educated that I am not the only one. Funny I think this would be a more excepted disorder if there was a physical marker attribute associated with it like a dark blue nose. I bet society would then recognize it and the economic barriers in getting proper treatment for all would be removed as even the wealthy’s nose would be exposed for all the world to see……………..

May I ask either of you if you are taking any Meds? I am not yet, but I am seeking a Dr now to get them. Do you have children that have been diagnosed with or you suspect may have ADHD?. I have one for sure and I believe two others are.

Also may I ask your approximate ages and when you were diagnosed with ADHD? 45 for me and during second divorce I realized that I had issues when I went back to school and started talking to a disability and employment counselors about the difficulties I had gone through in the past… Do either of you have a plan or course of action to deal with and conquer this “Syndrome” and your specific needs? I am in the infancy stages believe it or not. I finally feel some relief in knowing more about this ADHD thing and the issues I have been going through may actually have a scientific and physical source as opposed to being just not trying hard enough and being lazy. Funny lazy…please I used to run circles around everyone physically it was my impulsive decision making process that was the huge issue. I just did not seek out great mentors…

A huge hurdle for me is I have to make amends to so many people I have harmed up to this point in my life due to my impulsiveness (No I did not shoot anyone) Financial issues mostly. It is a strong desire (thank goodness as I feel I have some morality in me) . I am trying to put a plan together on how to do it but it is difficult because it involves family and friends although I need to make amends to all. I have never done drugs although I had used alcohol socially 1-3 drinks a week maybe up until 2 years ago and pretty much stopped then as I never could handle alcohol and It never gave me a rush in fact it made me lethargic combined with a huge headache shortly after consuming it.