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Re: Impulsive decisions (avoiding them?)

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Iam there, In same boat. If I think someone or something is in some way threatning me or at least I think that way , I get very impulsive. it seams that no matter what I do that id a defence that I go to every time and then I go on the attack. it s like stoping is not a option for me , when I feel tat way I always end up with saying someone can burn a bridge with me then i’ll take the piers out of the water. at that point when I start acessing the damage it’s far to lake and way out of control and no turnning back. sad but true. I have become my worst enemy. I have given up or lost some very good jobs because of this. so how does one stop thinking with there emotions and start using there head I don’t know , but for me if I could master that I could be someone else. after all that time and my rant here’s my tip. I am trying to get myself to talk to my wife befor I act or respond to any of my thoughts. I am trying to let her become the voice of resan in my life. I don’t know if it will work I have only started with tis . I will let you know how it works out.