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Re: Impulsive spending

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I have done some pretty bad impulive spending , the worsed I have ever been was last spring when me and a friend were out having coffee . I spent $15000 on a new motor cycle, needless to say that did not go over well. I was in the doghouse for a long time. the only other time I did some thing that silly was when I say a car I liked and the guy that had it knew were iI could get one just one year older than his . so we went to look at it and he says to me this is a nice car , if you don’t buy it than I will. I should have let him have the car , but no I spent $5000 that I did’t have. I still have the car but Iam told it will cost me $2500 to fix, still love the car , but it’s a 95 how much should one spend on an old car. when it’s on the road it gives a great ride. the keep telling me we can’t spend money we don,t have. shes right but I still don’t like hearing it. so it sits in my yard hoping some day I will be able to have it repaired .she keeps telling me it has to go , so far it’s still in the yard. those are just the big ticket things I am also bad for bringing home all kinds of daily staples we don’t need. then we will go to a store and she will say we don’t need whatever I have focused on , she will keep reminding me obout what we need and then when we go by whatever the item I have been focusing on she will look at me and just say NO , At that point I tease her a little then we both start laughing and just keep moving on. Maybe a little thing still is great entertanment almost every time we go to the store. life is good.