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Hi, Lyn

Your story is very similar to mine and probably most everybody that post to these forums and I think knowing that can be of some comfort to you. My biggest struggle with ADD has been with issues concerning work. Always has. Still is.

I’m 57 and was diagnosed a few years ago after a lifetime of misery and self-defeating behaviour.

I think that it’s important for you to find the correct medication because that will help stabilize your ADD. Lots of different meds are availble to control ADD symptoms. That was the most important step in my recovery. Once you have achieved that you can start to take control of all the other issues that are, or a result of, ADD.

My situation is typical of many I suppose: I’m ADD, stressed, anxious and depressed. Not a good place to view the world. But I have noticed that with the COMBINATION of meds, therapy and a lot of people (including people that post here) have helped me believe that I’m OK making this situation somewhat tolerable. The thing of it is that once the ADD piece of the puzzle fell into place all the other symptoms have been reduced. The root cause I guess you’d call it.

Yes, it’s overwhelming I know. There have been days that I wanted to crawl into a hole and pull it in after me. And I have to tell you it still occurs, but now I am able to take control to minimize the impact. These periods are a lot shorter and easier to recover from. Think about a pilot flying an airplane and finds themselves in a tailspin. Sure, it’s terrifying at first but you can train yourself to recover. It’s one of the techniques you learn as you go long. I guess the point is once you realize you can get control…you ARE in control.

My company has spent the last several years trying to make me feel like a “freak” because I can’t do what 95% of my coworkers find easy. They’re being b@stards (there’s really no other phrase for it) about accommodating my ADD. They think it’s like having a cold and that I’ll get over it and eventually regain my senses. The only reason I haven’t been canned is I have asserted my rights and made them aware they have crossed a line. The company is working hard to force me to quit and go away. None of this would have easy if I weren’t on meds and leaned heavily (well, very heavily) on my support system. Ask my wife and she’ll tell you what an emotional and psychological toll this has taken on me. On the both of us.

But, it’s really about control. Someone once said to me “You are not your ADD. Don’t let it define you” meaning “so you’re ADD: what are you prepared to do about it?”

You and I have a different brainstyle than 95% of the world. And I’m trying to use this fact for my own tactical advantage. Bend the world to you. Adapt, change, modify.

Above all, don’t give up, Lyn. You will get through this. When you’re on your back the only place is up….

Hope this helps…and good luck.