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Larynxa – “Imposter Symptom” is a great name for what I experience. Most people would consider me a successful “together” type of person but I’ve spent years trying to figure out why, despite the many successes I’ve had in my life, I still struggle constantly with my self esteem. My mom sounds a lot like your mom – Definitely ADHD but handling it with lots of control issues, and blame (but I love her!) I’ve always berated myself because of my inability to keep my house in order, my habit of constantly loosing the lists I make so I don’t forget things and my life full of “loose ends”.

prpldnsr – this web site is helping me realize that I’m not the undisciplined person that I always think of myself as. I’m starting to realize that I have amazing discipline to carry on and get through all of the daily stuff as well as I do. I liken it to living with chronic pain (with no disrespect intended to those who do live with chronic pain). I’m just used to going through my day with a really high anxiety level – I’ve learned to ignore it as best I can and get on with things as best I can (ie. exercise compulsively, eat compulsively and live on caffine). Saying this, however, now that I’m seeing my life and myself more clearly and have the info, I’m starting the process of getting diagnosed and trying medication. My son is on Ritalin and it has been transformative in all of our lives but most importantly it has taught me to be kinder to myself.