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No she is too much of a slacker to steal a whole lawn. I can’t even get her to pick up her towel. Forget moving dishes to the dishwasher. The teacher was just about in tears relating how disturbed she was about what she said. Sure wouldn’t have wanted to teach my younger brother let me tell you. He would have kept telling her these things until she was openly weeping just for the amusement it would have given him. The funny thing with Pigheaded is that she opens her mouth and never knows what is going to come out. But we have animals and she is always caring for and fussing over them. So I know it is just talk. And I don’t allow a closed door to keep me out, so there are no guns in her drawers and she is not building bombs here.

A lot of people have lost track that words are not actions. Yes they can be extremely hurtful if you are on the receiving end but they don’t really kill you. A lot of the truly depraved killer seems like the nicest guy on earth. Neighbours and friends can’t say enough nice things about them. No one sees this coming, but a mouthy kid (or adult) and suddenly everyone sees budding serial killer. 😆