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Re: Integrated Listening Systems – Dr Hallowell

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Dr. Ned Hallowell is a trusted source. He is recognized as a leading authority, educator and advocate for he treatment of ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities. If you know his personal story it lends even more credibility to his recommendations.

I can’t comment on the Integrated Listening Systems. However I do have personal experience as a patient at his clinic.

He has a team of clinicians, therapists and other support staff who use the best standards of practice and

are have adopted treatments based on clinical experience.

The Integrated Listening Systems like any system is new and it will have its supporters and critics. Cost is always an

issue and it will take time for new treatments to be accepted and adopted in the mainstream.

As with all treatment some patients I am sure respond better than others. If the treatment works I would take a look at it (do some research and compare the options)

Usually the early adopters of technology are family or patients who have exhausted other treatments, or seek alternatives to medication. Also they have to have the resources to purchase/rent/lease the system.