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Larynxa, I have never had such a negative response to things like how I worded “10 minutes after…”

But as to why I am here today, before I enrolled in the iLs training program, I did some internet research and found this forum. I read the posts from here, along with other information, and decided to try the system. I was at my wits end with my son’s behavior, even though he was responding to OT activities in motor skill improvement. His OT supported using the iLs system with him (before I purchased it). She has no affiliation with the iLs company (not even as a customer). She does not use it in her clinic, but she is aware of it. She did not even suggest it. I initiated the conversation in which I asked about it.

I thought an internet search that showed the question at the top of this forum, “Does anyone have any experience with Integrated Listening Systems?” might bring other viewers who might want to know my direct experience. What do you have against my sharing my own direct experience?

As for why I am using the system myself, I learned in my training that different hz sound frequencies affect different parts of our sensory/cognitive functions. I am now working in the 3000 hz frequency area, which targets mental energy, enthusiasm, and motivation (among other things). My son is working under 750 hz, which targets balance, rhythm, coordination, muscle tone, body awareness, laterality, and sense of direction. My distance training included a conference call, and we were told that is appropriate to use the system ourselves. I can use improved mental energy, enthusiasm, and motivation. I can’t measure these qualities. It happened that my balance improved also. I can measure that.

My only “affiliation” with the company could be classified as “customer.” No, I do not have any “referral fee” arrangement, nor have I been offered any.

You say, “Give it 10 years or so to prove itself.” All I can say is that my son is 6, and he was heading toward full blown “opposition defiant disorder.” He is also quite large for his age, and getting stronger. I can not wait until he is 16 to try something that might work, and very likely will do no harm. I read some case studies that reported changes in similar children. The iLs system specifically stimulates the vagus nerve, which carries 75% of our parasympathetic activity (which is calming). Anecdotal reports were enough for me to give it a try. My son is still not a model child, by any means. We have a long way to go. But his extreme “fight or flight” reflexes have become considerably less intense.

Does anyone besides Larynxa have a problem with my posting here?