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kc5jck, I love your cat picture. I have two Bengals, and there is a resemblance :)

Yes, I will keep you informed. As of now, I have finished 26 hours of my own three appropriate programs (Calming Preparation, and Optimal Performance I and II) and have 32 hours to go. My son is almost halfway through his first 60 hour program (which targets sensory motor neurology). After that, I will have a choice (depending on his response) to either repeat Sensory Motor, or move to 40 hours of Attention and Concentration (higher hz frequencies). After that, he may receive 40 hours in the Auditory Processing hz range (a little higher than Attention and Concentration). All of this will be based on his responses throughout the series. I foresee that we will be using this program 6 days/week for him for the next year.

Yes, there is a financial investment, but I see that there is more of a time investment in this approach. I applaud parents who commit to driving their child to the required number of sessions (a minimum of three times/week is recommended, up to 6 or 7 times a week is ok — the shortest program for children is 40 hours).