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Thank you, Robert, for the link. I have skimmed it, and will read it in depth later, and post a comment on it.

Back to the original question — Does anyone have experience with Integrated Listening Systems?

I just completed my 17th (out of 24) hour of Optimal Performance 1 (about half an hour ago). I have been working at 3000hz frequency for the past 5 hours of iLs time (I do an hour every other day, by personal choice). The 17th hour started to come down to the 2000hz range. I felt energized and centered for the first three 15 minute tracks. During the last 15 minute track, I felt a slight amount of vertigo, which increased when I removed the headphones. Then for about 5 minutes I felt a strong sensation, slightly uncomfortable, in my upper forehead region, inside my forehead, more pronounced on my right side. I also felt a bit nauseous. At that point, I looked up what had happened on track 4, and learned that it was enhanced high spectrum (which means that higher frequencies were boosted to heighten the perception of high frequency sounds). Eating two slices of fresh home baked bread with a glass milk settled my stomach and head.

The only reason I’m going into such detail is to inform any interested viewers that something physical happens during the iLs sessions. My son does not go into detail about what he feels, but I can do so.

Why do I put myself through occasional discomfort from the sessions? First, a great sense of well being is what usually happens. During the times it feels uncomfortable (these are rare), I am trusting the theory that my neural pathways are being stimulated in specific regions that were not functioning optimally.

In general, since I began using iLs, I feel that I am more effective in the responsibilities of my life. I know that I am doing a better job of parenting the special needs child I have adopted (he is the reason I looked into iLs in the first place). I am more proactive with him, rather than reactive to his mood swings and sometimes difficult behavior.