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Re: Integrated Listening Systems – Dr Hallowell

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I have waited for follow up on the last post by Dr. J. I know that professionals are very busy with other obligations.

I want to thank Robert for confirming that Dr. Hallowell is a valuable resource. Based on Robert’s comments, I did more research on Dr. Hallowell’s web site. I have added the Learning Breakthrough Program to my son’s daily exercise schedule (based on information from Dr. Hallowell.). We are using the two programs simultaneously — the theories (as I understand them) indicate that they should boost each other.

I will no longer be able to report on iLs alone, as we are not doing it alone. I am exploring alternative therapies, IF credible authorities endorse them. I am currently raising a child who cannot succeed in public school. His physical and listening exercise program is part of his daily home school curriculum.

Thank you again, Robert, for your perspective.