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Re: Is Daytrana safe?

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My daughter is on Daytrana and has been for approximately 3 years. The only side effect we have seen if occasionally she gets a bad rash and “thickened” skin around where we put the patch. She has never been a good sleeper, so I am not sure if her trouble falling asleep is patch related or not.

We went to the patch because she was SO oppositional about taking meds we put it on 1/2 hour before she gets up and there is a big improvement – not a fix all, not perfect but a HUGE improvement.

When she was in 2nd grade, we moved the dose from 10 to 15 (15 i think yellow box to orange box). The dose was to high for her. she was very irritable and there was a big crash when the meds wore off. She is now back on the 10 mg patch and also takes a medicine trilipital morning and night. This really keeps her level most of the time.

The cost of Daytrana is high – my insurance co pay is $70.00 BUT daytrana has a coupon on their website that pays for a considerable amount – not my copay is only $10.00 for the year!