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Is Daytrana safe?

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    My daughter was diagnosed with having OCD, anxiety and dyslexia a year ago. She has been taking Zoloft for the OCD and anxiety. It has been a life saver. She still struggles with school and we have tutoring and an IEP for that. Her psychiatrist has recently decided to try her on Daytrana for her problems with staying focused at school. After adjusting the dosage to 20mg, we have seen a huge improvement in her ability to stay on task and in her reading. This is very exciting for us after years of her struggling with learning. I have recently researched the side effects of Daytrana and it is scaring me. Does anyone have any reliable information with likeliness of having the severe side effects they list? Thank you in advance for any information you can share on this topic.


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    My daughter is on Daytrana and has been for approximately 3 years. The only side effect we have seen if occasionally she gets a bad rash and “thickened” skin around where we put the patch. She has never been a good sleeper, so I am not sure if her trouble falling asleep is patch related or not.

    We went to the patch because she was SO oppositional about taking meds we put it on 1/2 hour before she gets up and there is a big improvement – not a fix all, not perfect but a HUGE improvement.

    When she was in 2nd grade, we moved the dose from 10 to 15 (15 i think yellow box to orange box). The dose was to high for her. she was very irritable and there was a big crash when the meds wore off. She is now back on the 10 mg patch and also takes a medicine trilipital morning and night. This really keeps her level most of the time.

    The cost of Daytrana is high – my insurance co pay is $70.00 BUT daytrana has a coupon on their website that pays for a considerable amount – not my copay is only $10.00 for the year!

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