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Re: Is modern life and work just too complex to keep up with?

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I can relate to the confusing yourself!!! Ugh!! I really need to stop reading about ADHD before I self-combust :?. I am all in a spin with the am-I-aren’t-I sort of questions I ask myself throughout everything I read. To start with, reading about ADHD gave me that real “OMG!!! I am reading about ME!!!” feeing. Now I am at the stage where I can find info to back up my self-diagnosis, as well as refute it. I am reading too much into everything and I just can’t let it go. Hmmm. I need a computer virus to put me out of computer action and then I might regain some sanity :-)

My daughter is nearly finished a social skills course. She was the first one I took to the psychologist, as she was falling apart due to school and social pressures and had huge anxiety issues. She has been diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder, but missed the Asperger’s diagnosis due to lack of a couple of key symptoms, predominantly the lack of empathy, and preoccupation with set subject(s). She has rigidity of thinking, fear of changes, poor social skills, some ritualistic behaviours, sensitivities (noise, tags in clothes, hunger (man, the tempers we have had from her when she has been hungry)), soothing behaviours (swings and food always calm her), difficulty with inferences (she often doesn’t get jokes), and she has poor hand-eye coordination. But, her anxiety disorder can also cause some behaviours that present similar to Asperger’s. So we (the psychologist and I) decided our money was best spent in social skills classes, and possibly tutoring, rather than further assessment, and we will keep an eye on things as time goes by (next year will be a real test, as she starts high school). It was following one of her social skills classes that I let vent about my son’s organisation problems and asked the psychologist what the hell I could do about it. She then suggested testing for ADHD. I was unsurprised and floored both at once. Then I stressed for two weeks until his assessment!!

Now I feel like I am in limbo. Waiting for things to fall into place with my son and school, waiting for my daughter to show her true colours again (she sort of crumpled in on herself and stopped showing her inner self for a long time), and waiting for my assessment. I guess it’s no wonder I have fallen apart. Hubby seems to continue on as if nothing’s the matter. He sympathises to a degree, but seems more concerned with his own problems, that he sees as bigger than anybody else’s and he sort of resents that I spend so much time dealing with the kids’ problems and not with his. Sometimes I wonder where we will end up. I know I need to support him more than I do, but I just don’t seem able to. I know I need his support but it just doesn’t seem to be there when I need it most. I don’t want our marriage to fall apart, but I also don’t seem to be able to find it in me to care if it does. Probably because it is not in the here and now, so I don’t think about it. I see the same sort of behaviour in my son. Oh well. We will get there. Life will go on. I am dissatisfied at times, but I am not unhappy with my life overall, despite all my grumbles. I just need to vent, as we all do.