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Re: Is there a good alternative II heard AddieUP was a good one

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What is your beef with Adderall that you automatically assume that everyone is defending it? I do not take Adderall and my time remaining on this Earth is not as long as you presume.

Let me reiterate. A person seeking treatment for ADHD or any other medical condition should do so with the guidance of a medical professional – not based on somebody’s say-so on the internet. Everyone is different and what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. There are a lot of medications that have been proven effective for ADHD. I’ve had more than a few prescribed for me and more than a few of the ones we initially tried did not work for me. Some people do not respond at all to any medications. Nevertheless, it is only with a doctor’s supervision can one make informed decisions about their own health care.

That being said, there is no miracle pill or treatment that compensates for the biological condition at the root of ADHD. The medical treatment being used now has been used successfully for several decades now. Even so, treatment requires a combination of techniques, including therapy to best learn how to overcome one’s own deficiencies. It’s like wearing glasses. I do not always need to wear glasses, but when I do wear them, it makes it a little easier for me to see things that I had difficulty seeing before. But while glasses help improve my vision, they did not help me understand how to read. I had to learn to do that on my own. And by the same token, every person with ADHD must learn on their own how best to adapt to life among people who process information differently than they do.

You have made your decision. I know I responded with suspicion to your post as I have recently been exposed to a lot of suspicious things coming over the internet which had been proven to be deceitful. I cannot say if the product you are referring to is legitimate or not, but there is a dearth of independent information regarding it’s efficacy. Would you buy a car based only on the say-so of the stranger selling it to you? It’s your body and it is clear you care a lot about how you treat it – do not be so quick to consume something that has not been independently tested. I have done my best to help you make an informed decision, just as I hope to help others make informed decisions about what substances to put in their bodies.