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Re: Is there a good alternative II heard AddieUP was a good one

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Hi PaulF – Out of curiosity – how long have you been diagnosed? I’ve only just been diagnosed about 7 months ago, and am still learning about the possible treatments, but Concerta is helping me a lot. I think there are a wide variety of people on this forum, some who are doing well on prescription stimulant medications, others who couldn’t deal with the side effects and are on a journey to find other solutions.

With Concerta, I do experience some side effects, but the “side effects” of not being on meds are so much more dire. Since I’m not pregnant or under the age of 3, I’m hoping the warnings and side effects can be tolerated. It’s a whole lot better than dying in a car wreck or having my husband walk out for good.

From what I’ve read, the Methylphenidate products (like Concerta) and the Dextroamphetamines (like Adderal) have been used for many decades and their long term effects are very well known and studied. As for an exit strategy, I’ve never heard of major problems going off these meds – but I’m sorry to hear if that has happened to you.

Still – we are all unique, and what is a good solution for one person may not be for someone else, and I wouldn’t judge them for that. I wouldn’t doubt that some of these over the counter stimulants could have some small benefit – which would be better than nothing if prescription drugs aren’t your thing.

From what I’ve read from other people on this site – it seems like there are people who are using diet and excercise, as well as omega 3’s (like krill oil) as part of their strategy. I would suggest investing some time in viewing the videos, webinars and blogs on this site. They were carefully put together by the creators of this site and reviewed by professionals.

This forum is fine for discussion and support, but there are large gaps in our knowledge, and a lot of us are newbie’s to this diagnosis. We are just lay people dealing with ADHD and muddling through our own unique situations the best we can.

If you would like to share your story, I welcome you – get to know us better, we don’t bite (too hard). The forum is here as a community more than a resource for answering specific drug questions. If you’re looking for fellowship, humour and acknowlegment that this is a real condition and not some made up excuse to be lazy, you’ve found the right place.