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Re: Is there anyone else who can relate to this description?

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ALL very good replies so i won’t address each. Very well said. And good tips all. I told my wife long ago that she’d hear me repeating things, even re-wording in my own words for better understanding. And yes, me saying it often helps, NOT always! But enough to make it worth it.

I write things down – and this is a fact, it got SO bad, I had paper and notes all over. Finally, my wife and a neighbor who helps clean, put a box that was about 6″ x 8″ x 4″ tall on my dresser and put all that stuff in it. Guess what – it was over-flowing! Stuff was falling out. So I sat the other night and sorted through it all. Over half went into the trash, and some of the other – I had my laptop and my phone with me and started organizing, adding contact info into my phone, and downloaded a droid notepad all, a reminder app and all and started organizing. The box is gone and it’s now down to a small bowl of smaller items to go through (or toss)

Gary really described how I feel about it – that was really well said! Thanks a lot, I love that and will use it again when others need to know what makes me tick – and why I forget.

Trivia – don’t even try to beat me at some trivia stuff. I don’t know much in some areas – areas that were not of interest to me when growing up, forget it. IF I was interested, you don’t stand a chance.

And the things I remember about certain cars and parts is amazing.

I have no idea what I had for lunch yesterday. I’m going to run out at noon and do a bit of shopping – can’t remember what for but think I wrote it into my phone the other day………. I hope. I just recall that I was going to go out shopping.

What do you want to know about a 1964 Holley 4bbl carb?

Which Star Trek character or series or episode?

There are times I think the meds aren’t really helping at all, and yet, a month ago, I wasn’t even interested in getting organized, notes and reminders in my phone, cleaning out that box, or finishing my shop.