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Vixter, my heart goes out to you! Bless your husband for being there for you. Support from family members is so important. And congratulations on your new baby! I hope that you are able to find some information here or from your doctor to deal with the ADD symptoms without the meds until you have your baby.

Richzilla_blue, I agree with previous poster not to look at ADD at a life sentence. We have some very unique qualities that make us very good entrepreneurs and our affinity for “risk-taking” suits us perfectly to starting our own businesses. Even while working, I always had side business for a couple of hours a week, because “real” jobs have always been just plain BORING to me (except for the security of the paycheck). I am 55 and semi-retired, but was still working full-time to support myself because my retirement wasn’t enough to survive and I was a compulsive spender. I lost my job and vehicle in late 2009 and was forced into full-time entrepreneurship. Now I’m selling on eBay and trying to get an arts and crafts enterprise going (when I can focus). It’s been a struggle and I’m not making a lot of money, in fact, sometimes I am downright broke. But I believe it’s been a blessing in disguise. It’s always been my dream to be a full-time artist and writer, but I always complained that I never had the time. Now I do and I can’t make anymore excuses about why I can’t do it. And I believe I can do it. It’s just a matter of when and how.

Family support is important. Try to surround yourself with people who will be positive and supportive. If you can’t, you have friends here who will cheer you on. And never, ever give up on yourself. Focus on success. You will succeed, but it won’t happen overnight. Sometimes there are opportunities hiding right in front of our eyes, but we don’t see them because we’re focusing too much on our situation. One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I get tunnel-vision, then get over-whelmed and start running in circles and getting nothing done. I’m trying to learn to think “out-of-the-box,” but it’s not easy. Sorry if my post sounds preachy, but I say this for myself as well. NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!

Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do!