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65+ here. These enterprises, you are applying to, are having financial troubles of their own. Mediocrity is not going to help them find their way out of their situation. Us, ADHD, types are anything but mediocre,

I find it difficult to view ADHD solely as a disorder. I view it as a family of related traits and/or skills, with a physical and genetic framework. Skills without a discipline based on knowledge and knowledge of self, is a disorder regardless of the framework. The ADHD trait/skill set has serious social ramifications and medications can make us more acceptable to others. In my family, I take the meds and my wife feels better.

Put your, out-of-the-box, ADHD skills to work. Our “creativity” may simply be that we are well practiced at quickly reassembling reality, when our focus snaps back to earth. But, whatever the mechanism, we are damn good at it.

Life is a life sentence. It’s not what we do, but rather what we do with the little time (and resources) we’ve been given (LOTR I think). Every time I’ve tried to give-up, I’ve failed (not meant to be funny). After about a week, I just can’t stand being in that particular frame of mind – not enough interesting things to poke my nose into.

Giving up is boring. You won’t like it.