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Re: It may be too late for me

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If I can survive, ANYONE can. I should have been dead several times. I’m here.

You just need to look around and find the glove that fits you. It’s not easy – if it was, I wouldn’t be here as I can do some pretty complex things.

The rather “funny” thing about it all with me – I find some project I’ve done in the past, or find plans I’ve drawn up for things I made, or think back at something I made or repaired or have otherwise done – and it’s like “that wans’t me, I can’t do those thing” or “I sure can’t recall doing that or even HOW I did it”.

I’ve fixed things that I don’t believe I have the skill to fix – and yet, at that time, when I needed it most, it was there for me. Where is it now? No way I could do the same thing again, I’m sure of it.

Weird, but let yourself get there and when you are there, what you need will be there too.

Doesn’t make sense, does it? It’s like my brain can’t hold all the skills I have, and I lose some of them so others can come forward when I need them. but if I need an old one again, I look back at my notes and scribbles, and I try the task – and wow, there it is again, but now I’ve lost what I had when I was doing yesterday’s task.

HAH – I don’t have the guts to give up – it’s too scary.