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Re: It may be too late for me

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Welcome to the heap! couple of thoughts: on the book, libraries are free, just borrow the book, you’ll finish it in less than a week anyhow. Take care of you 1st: get good sleep, eat well (no junk foods etc), and exercise, if even a walk for an hour or so. Give yourself a break…you’ve worked darn hard so far in this life, give yourself credit for doing well. If sleep is an issue, I find 5 HTP (50mg) is a real help for me – just one at bedtime – never mind the mfr wants you to take 6 a day! I’ve been taking protein smoothies for breakfast after being told they will help, I don’t feel they do but do it anyhow. Regardless, after I started to take care of me, I seem to be getting a bit closer to “normal’, whatever that is. bottom line, I feel better, look better,(OK more rested), and perform better with more enthusiasm and fear no failures like before.

Good luck on the job front, most of us have been there, done that.