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Well put, ADDled.

He’s right abslt0. We’ve all gone through what you’re going through, and – no point in denying it – it DOES tear you up at first.

When I was somewhere around 12 – 14, my tics got so bad my parents took me to a psychiatrist (because “Our son refuses to stop this foolishness”).

The Doctor spent an hour with me, said something was wrong, but he could definitely help.

As soon as we left the office my parents response was, “Did you hear THAT? Now if you don’t stop this foolish head-twitching, you’ll end up in there with the rest of the loonies.”

Nice, eh?

My tic stopped right there and then.

Why? Because what I didn’t know at the time was – Tourettes tics change all the time. So “my Tourettes’ brain” simply traded the visible head-flick to an invisible cheek-chewing, out of sight – INSIDE my mouth (I still have the scars).

My parents thought they’d “scared me straight.” They had not.

And when I think back and realize – I had actually SEEN a psychiatrist who KNEW something was wrong and could have HELPED me…

Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t say, “It still hurts.”

All those wasted decades…


As ADDled says, the point is – WE KNOW NOW.

We’re taking action to control this thing NOW.

As I remind myself everyday … “I ain’t dead yet.” <g>

And as long as you have breath in your body, their are always possibilities.