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Thanks for all your words of encouragement. Since my wife doesn’t get it, or maybe she does and just can’t deal with yet another one of my ‘issues” since I’m just a ‘dumb lazy ass’ (nice huh). I’ll make good use of this list to ramble, brainstorm or just to try and get my thoughts out. I find its easier to email or out my words on virtual paper than to deal face to face. F-to-F I freeze and cant get the words to come out…and if they do, they’re all jumbled.. I mean, I know I can speak… under pressure though, i open my mouth and ….nothing

Drives me crazy. A least now I know that I’m really not crazy…..

Having said that, can anyone recommend an ADD specialist in the Toronto area? I was last diagnosed… years ago. I’m sure methods have changed and they’re now able to determine the severity. I’d really like to know how fcuked up I am…and the ringing in my ears…it’s gotta stop.