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Re: It only took me 47 years to figure out why!

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I would not say that ADHD is cancer to the soul. In fact , I believe those with ADHD have a deeper meaning of the concept life and how to help the soul. I’m 42 and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I was encouraged to research the disorder and to read the book, You mean I’m Not Lazy Stupid or Crazy? As I read through the book, for the first time in my life, I saw myself! I finally had an explanation for what was going on inside of me and in my life. I knew something wasn’t right, that’s why I went to see a psychologist in the first place. I must admit, at first, I felt a sense of doom after understanding just how it can wreak havoc on all aspects of your life! According to the outline and symptoms listed in that book, I have ADHD really bad. I struggled in school barely getting a college degree and almost flunking out, I struggled professionally ( as a manager or supervisor in manufacturing and operations for some big Fortune 100 companies bouncing from job to job) have struggled financially ( bankrupt twice, very bad credit), have struggled socially (divorced and on the verge of second divorce,not many friends) forgetful, clumsy and the list goes on and on. But because I now know what I am, I have a sense of hope. I now know that I have gifts and potential that have not been tapped into and realized! Growing up, my family always viewed me as being special, talented gifted, but I never felt that way, and I surely did not have results to back that up so I never knew why they felt that way. But I now know that because of who I am, there are things I can do to help make my life more balanced. I can now take these lemons of my life and make some award winning lemonade! What I’m trying to say is that when you know who you are and what you are, whatever that is, and you make peace with what you are, then you can start living! Because isn’t that what bothers must of us who have ADHD? The fact that it has negatively impacted our quality of life? Just like in the movie the Matrix, after Neo was enlightened and educated to the world he thought he was living in ( The Matrix) vs the reality ( being connected to a power system and being used like a battery), he had to decide whether to accept it and or not. Even though he had already been physically freed from the Matrix, mentally he still had to choose! Being diagnosed with ADHD only makes you aware of the reality. After being given the knowledge of what you are and how you work, you still must choose! Choose to wallow in self pity and disbelief! Choose to continue the grieving process that follows after diagnosis, or choose to be thankful, and choose to accept it, and choose to begin discovering and learning of the real you! Its funny that when he decided to accept this revelation as a true, he not only found his purpose and destiny, he also found that he had a special gift, a gift that would enable him to free others trapped like he was! Finding your purpose, walking in your destiny is not cancerous to your soul, but a is a pathway of freedom for your soul! So I’m making the choice to be thankful, and take all of the information regarding this condition, to help me once and for all not only find my destiny but the walk in freedom. Freedom of accepting me, freedom of guilt and shame, freedom from learned handicaps and crutches to get by in life And based upon the comments and bios of those who have done so, I have no doubt that it will happen. And the gifts that I now know I have,wonderful gifts of creativity, intuition, perception, prognostication, clarity, makes me feel that I am special! And with these gifts I can help others find freedom in their life and free their souls!