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Re: It only took me 47 years to figure out why!

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What phreakin super thread! TotalyADD Gold!, Truffles…

I know this is long, I tried to edit it… skim away frens.

The first post by -READ- is destined to be a heavy metal song you’ll watch me rip through on youtube some time in the way distant future, kind-of a dream. Then after I study, read, re-read, and hopefully someday manage to digest all of -Fearwidg-‘s post, it will become something else. It’s already perfect. We make another version of perfection that is also cool, I call that ADHD magic. We get to do that. Maybe some kind of stage poetry…

It gets

A place in the “BEST of Totallyadd” folder I’m working on. I’m also working on a new thread for “best-of’s n favorite quotes” we can all put the best of the best stuff we find here. All the greatest stuff we quote and comment on that’s here. Concentrate it in one, densely packed super thread. Anonymous, no names, just what people said that helped us… None of us will have to deal with the madness of “fame” or “popularity”, or feeling left out cuz nobody picked out our stuff. That stuff just adds to our ego. A very dangerous part of my brain/mind, our brain?… the meat between the ears. My ego separates me. So I take back what I said on a post a while back I felt especially good about, I wrote my real name, and “I want to be famous” at the bottom. fortunately it’s lost! lol. Lost in a gigantic Gold Mine of therapeutic love, compassion, and brilliance. Totallyadd.com. And also saved in giant supercomputers that analyze humanity, eventually becoming self aware and then it’s “terminater” just like the movie… scary huh? Yep, the Internet is forever. But I won’t let that silly fear prevent me from serving humanity as well as I can during my turn here. My ashes will go in a “urn” maybe it should be named “turn” we all get one turn here, well… that’s what some religions say. But religion is bull shit, we all know that. The fellowship of the spirit however, well. We are stuck in the middle of it. Deny it all ya want. You have your spirit in you. It is connected to the rest of us. Get used to it. Or suffer… suit yourself, whatever you do. Ukay? Do what Rick Nelson says. “can’t please everyone ya got ta, please yourself”

Got to get to bed, I’m looking foreword to reading the rest of this thread. I just made a few new folders to go in my post 2/22/12 ADD folder. So far the sub folders are “Best Threads to check it out” (that’s really the name, a funny mistake I didn’t fix) Grammar’s dum! :-D another sub folder is called “Treads from my profile.rtfd” on a mac a .rtfd file has clickable links. That way I can keep track of all the threads I’ve posted on, that disappear from my profile page. I just copy n paste directly from the profile, computer saves the files clickable. There’s more, just gotta get up early tomorrow, so I’ll write down the rest of em if I ever get it all organized. Wed, is kinda like Friday for me, I think. For some disabled and retired folks every day is saturday. But they are very lonely saturdays. Not any more. My life keeps getting better and I don’t even have much to do with it. The master carpenter does.

gnite gangStars.

PS, I’m considering letting family n friends know about this site, and posting my facebook address here. Anyone got advice? feedback? It’s no longer an impulsive idea. Cuz I’m asking the professional Impulsivity (sp?), idea smorgasbord, and dang I kicked myself in the teeth again experts first. (that’s you folks, here to help each-other quit the -kick self in teeth- routine.

Peace and lub to you my frenz

Robert. AKA Rawbou, people sometimes think it’s pronounced like “row boat”, sorta like a robot. But I like it to sound like Raw boat. Rabbo?, or Rawbo?, a pretty server in a fancy restaurant used to call me that, the way she said it reminded me of Rambo. You know, John Rambo, in First Blood. Played by Sylvester Stallone. maybe I shoulda… Spellins dum. Sorry if I missed some goofy typo’s. eYm tired.

PPS, hmm, actually not that long, huh? Right arm! I got home at a lil after 9:00 pm, bit off a little less than a third of a 5 mg tab of methylphenidate, and I’m still me. It’s just easier to be the me I like best. I’m like totally okay with that. Peace n love to all you rock n rolling gangers. Don’tcha ever give up, ukay?

End of the day, 3-6-12