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Re: It's a Two-Fer. And they're both pretty bad (sources are the reason)

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I too have gone down the road of lets see if this diagnosis fits? not that one? Well lets try this one….. Like a deck of cards being pulled out “was this the card you are?” Queen of hearts? NO? Lets try Jack of spades.

So in the years that I have been seeking help depression was always the first one shrinks would go to. And a spattering of mood disorders and am I an alcoholic or General Anxiety etc.? Mostly because when I would go to seek help something in my life had collapsed again I would be to tired and lost to get out of bed. Which happens to a lot of Adders. When I would list all of the stressors that were happening ( I tend to gravitate to the dramatic side of life) the shrinks were often surprised at how I could manage. So lets try an anti-depressant. And this should help you focus.

Finally a licensed clinical social worker diagnosed me. This was when my mother was going through a lot of heart problems and is elderly so there was so much family stuff to deal with I thought I should have someone to talk to to help me organize and deal with all the emotions of a parent getting older. But I’m fine really. Not depressed just going through a lot of stuff. Oh and by the way I hate my job, my house is a mess, my boyfriend is worn out from all my “projects” and oh I’m putting together a master binder of all my mothers insurance info etc. so everyone will have one and stay on track, and oh did I mention I need to get my finances under control because my credit cards all have variable APR’s and I didn’t get that last raise I was hoping for? Now where was I? Did I bring my keys in with me? Oh I need to walk the dog, he’s looking depressed.

So after about 6 months of him trying to get me to stay on topic, stop fidgeting on the office couch and suggesting every meditation method to get me to relax he finally offered up the ADHD diagnosis. I may find that this might be the missing pice to the puzzle he said. I had always thought I had the inattentive side. SInce I can also stare out a window for hours and contemplate the color blue in the sky. Ok I really didn’t want to finally admit I had it. So I actually was a bit reversed in that the therapist was the one on the ADD side. But once he explained that for years Adders have been diagnosed with depression tried anti- depressants but they don’t work. They will not help a person with ADD focus. Even though it took him six months to convince me to try medication and come to terms with ADHD he just kept patiently letting me work my way though it and point out where I was on track and where I had drawn a misinformed conclusion. In the end he let me decide when it was time for meds.

I’m still working on getting along with medication. Mostly because I hate taking pills. But when I stay on track with a low dose of a stimulant med. and a dose of anti-depressant because I do have a subset of anxiety and mood swings the combination takes the volume down.

I wrote to my therapist that this is the puzzle piece that fits. And really fits. Not a piece that sort of did or I had to jam it into place and then the whole puzzle was off. So I guess that is my positive ADHD diagnosis. Even though it took into my mid-life to get it.

Hope this helps. We’re all in this together.