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Hi Brian,

Welcome. Indeed ADHD symptoms can be the result of a brain injury. From what the Doctors have told us, the main area of the brain that is problematic is the Prefrontal Lobes. The part above the eyes, just behind the forehead. It’s the last part of the brain to have evolved in humans, it’s the master controller in some ways. PET scans have shown that in ADHD individuals the is far less activity here. It’s amazing to see the difference between an ADHD brain and a Non-ADHD brain.

One of the Doctors we interviewed recently, Dr. Derryck Smith from Vancouver, talked about one of his patients who seemed to be an anomaly. ADHD is very genetic, and runs in families. But no one else in the patient’s family had ADHD. When Dr. Smith finally asked, “Have you ever had a brain injury?” the patient calmly replied, “Yes, when I was a teenager.”

Derryck was surprised, “Why didn’t you mention this earlier?”

The answer? “You never asked.”

It happened twice more, with different patients. Now he always asks patients if they’ve every had a brain injury.

Also, the first time stimulant medications were used to treat ADHD-like symptoms was in 1937 on a group of children who had brain damage from an encephalitis epidemic in the 20’s or 30’s.

So yes, injury to the brain can indeed cause ADHD.