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Have to say I’m kind of torn on some of the posts.

I have all the same issues, especially the loathing of administrative tasks that I always seem to procrastinate on…taxes, reports, correspondence etc etc etc.

I feel your pain. However, I also feel the pain of business owners.

The key is this, if you have ADHD or ADD it’s ok, just make sure you OWN that and find way to manage.

It sucks, but there is no way around it. I struggle everyday, but I can’t give that excuse to my employees if they don’t get paychecks next week. I have no choice but to find work arounds…and alot of those time, those work arounds are expensive.

However, You can turn it in your favor. If you know you’re going to struggle with expense reports, take initiative and find a way to solve the prolem yourself. You might have to hire someone to help you, or a coach. That will impress your employer and not burden your manager with your unique challenges.

Businesses fail because administrative details slip through the cracks. I’m in both camps here. I have to do things that I hate as an owner so that we can pay our employees and make sure competition doesn’t stea- roll us. It’s draining, but it exposes your weaknesses and strengths pretty quickly. Accept it and try and learn from your mistakes.

Don’t ask your employer to own your ADD/ADHD.

Another thought…don’t let perfection get in the way of good enough. Armed with the knowledge that we have ADD or ADHD we should own that it’s now our responsibility to make the necessary adjustments to manage the tasks that our jobs require, if we can’t then obviously it wasn’t the right job in the first place.

Start-up environments always appealed to me becuase they tend to be sink or swim and you just jump into the middle of the action and figure it out as you go. I struggle when the start-up days fade and the focus is on the details, processes, procedures etc. More to manage, more planning and less reacting…not ADD/ADHD friendly, but you can find a way.

Hope this was helpfull, not trying to chastise anybody.