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Re: Just watched this program and have some questions, help please

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Thanks ya’ll I really appreciate it. I have a couple of other questions that just popped in my head.

1) Is there a good ADD psychiatrist/specialist around the Raleigh, NC region that ya’ll may know of?

2) For those who have been on medication, does it change who you are? For example, I love being the “nice guy”, being friendly, having a unconditional care for people whether I know them or not, being energetic, love new and exciting things, etc. I don’t want to become “brain washed” and loose what I love most about myself.

3) The stuff that pops in my head when I am in a relationship, such as “is this right?” “Why does she look upset?” “Is it me?” “Does she constantly text on her phone because she doesn’t like me, thinks I’m boring, etc.?” Is this normal for everyone or something that could possibly be ADD?

4) Why does my mind tend to loose focus more when I’m in a relationship (or trying to be in one)?

5) Has anyone ever get so “out of focus” that their mind runs to the point to where they start visioning stuff and hearing things? (For instance, when I normally let my mind wonder I have random sequences pop up in my head, some are memories, some are just random stuff that has never happened to me but in some way I’m involved. Also I tend to hear a voice internally whenever I’m really on the fritz, I don’t think its schizophrenia but just a uncontrollable thought)

6) I’m known as the one who isn’t angered easily, I have a good amount of patience at times (like if someone insults me or threatens me I disregard it and move along) but smaller stuff like traffic jams tend to cause me to freak out causing my heart to race, I break out yelling and crying, saying every word in the book. Also at the workplace (I have 4 jobs, I work at Home Depot, a cigarette store, a guitar shop, and I’m a drum instructor) particularly home depot, I get aggreviated at the smallest things like (I operate the heavy machinery such as fork lifts, cherry pickers, etc) and as I’m loading merchandise through the store and the company has displays set up I get extremely mad and yell questions like “Why are they doing this? They know we have to monevur equipment daily through the store!” “How come can’t no one else do their job? I’m sick of being my co worker’s mom” “We are running out of room to put merchandise and yet they still send this stuff in?! What in the world?” Is this normal to ADDers?

7) Is there over the counter solutions to help with ADD (such as over the counter meds, vitamins, special head lotion lol)?

8) Is there any other disorders (or just anything in general) that what I am going through could be instead of ADD?

9) A lot of people that I know personally say that they have some if not most of the same issues I have (they have NOT been diagnosed with anything), but they are calm, relaxed, and have a general perception of carelessness. By judging how they talk, look, etc, I don’t believe they are going through the same thing I am and it angers me when they say they do? Does this happen to ya’ll as well?

10) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck COULD chuck wood? lol I thought I might send something to make people laugh