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Re: Just when I thought I had me beat….I fall back into me!!!

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I’m the same age and was diagnosed about a year ago. I went though the same feelings as you. Initially the adderal was a miracle. It et me straight in a lot of ways. Made me more effecient, concentrate better, more productive and more reliable.

I’m fairly successful, but always feel I could be so much more. I have come to realize that the meds are only part of the equation. I have not fully figured out the other part. I excercise a lot and it makes me feel better, but then I undue my gains with a poor diet in the evening, or a few drinks to quell my anxiety.

When I beat myself up, I try to remember to tell myself, “Forgivness, it’s a virtue. are on a consta Forgive others and forgive yourself.”

We are constantly torn between feeling guilty, or ashamed or “less than” and giving ourselves credit for iur successes and triumphs. When I’m at my worst, I try to remember that I have a disorder. Remember to be gentle with yourself when you need to. It is a balancing act.

Sometimes we need a kick in the ass and sometimes we need to forgive ourselves and give ourselves a break. Noone is perfect. SO when you feel at your worse, forgive yourself. Give yourself a break for a while and then climb back on your horse and keep on trucking. It is a cycle and we all have to be willing to oush ourselves, but also aknowledge, hey I do have ADHD and there will be times when I’m beating myself up. Ther will also be tims when I’m creative, loving empathetic and loving. My feeling we are mostly the latter most of the time and the disorder just gets in the way. Love yourself.

What makes me succesful is my uniqueness and my ability to solve problems and think outside the box. What I’m not great at is organization and tedious work. I have recently hired someone to help me organize and do the things I am not good at and let me do the things I excell at. I still have challenges and still have a lot to do on my own, but delagation when possible can be liberating.

Hang in there