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Re: Keeping a journal

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I will second using Red Notebook. I have used it for a couple years. Of course I have been very bad about keeping journaling going during that time. But I keep coming back to it.

I do find it useful for some basic tracking and thought/reminder stuff. And I used it to vent. It’s supposed to be a part of my stratagy to manage my ADD. You can setup Templates that you can then load that has some pre-entered data like reminders to take your meds, checklists or otherthings. I havent done it in over a week. Well. since we moved to our new house. Need to bring it back out.

MrXxx, ref to squirrel. There is a Tshirt that says something about people not understanding ADHD and look a chicken!. My daughter who is ADHD in a big way and I were joking about the Tshirt in the car when she stopped in mid sentance, pointed and yelled “Squirrel!” There was a brief pause as we looked at the furry creature, realizing what just happened and then just fell over laughing.