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Re: Learning disabbilitys and ddhd

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@ t-man:

I second the assignment from tinkywink. When your fingers can keep up with the flow of your thought processes, you’ll be amazed—-it’s likely to open up a whole new world for you in terms of expressing yourself and seeing what you’re really capable of. I do understand that frustrations with spelling don’t make it any easier. But I’m glad to hear you’re practising and not giving in. And if you take a typing course, it will train your hands, using physical memory, to type with all of your fingers.

Two other thoughts: I have a *very* hard time believing that your IQ is “very low to borderline.” I believe that you would score much higher given proper time to complete every question, for one thing. Also, I have the very same problem you describe with reading (i.e., losing your place and having to start over because you can’t remember what you’ve read).